IGC Advanced


In close cooperation with a group of partners that includes companies operating in the industrial cleaning sector, ASW has been working on the development of an intelligent concept for a mobile earthing verification system since 2001. In 2006, this resulted in the introduction of the first digitised model called “Smart”.

With now more than 1,000 systems in use, IGC Smart is proving to be not only a reliable, but also an essential system. This is tested every day when materials are transported under high pressure, for example, during high-pressure, vacuum pressure and chemical-technical cleaning.

We are now proud to present the innovative and pioneering successor to the IGC Smart:


IGC Advanced!


The new generation of earthing units for the mobile sector was developed on the basis of the latest technology with the objective of increasing safety at work.

The IGC Advanced has been completely CE approved by an accredited consultancy and testing bureau specialised in electrical and electronic engineering. This means the IGC Advanced has been passed the mandatory tests for emissions, immunity and automotive applications.