IGC Advanced


The design of the new IGC Advanced is based on the notion of “permanently” improving safety in a straightforward and extremely practical manner! But how can you improve safety, or, for that matter, monitor it and guarantee it? At ASW, we looked at this problem from all sides and designed the IGC Advanced with a number of purposes in mind.

Easy to install

The IGC Advanced can be fitted on a vehicle with just a “spanner and a screwdriver”. After fitting, connect the power supply, the earthing reel and any indicators.

Then push the on/off button to start operating the unit. Enter the date and time in the internal diagnostic screen. The vehicle capacity signature is subsequently “read in” using a designated on-site earthing point, creating the unique link between the vehicle and earthing point. No additional handheld control unit or computer is required – just proceed through the menu. The IGC Advanced is now ready for use!

Simple to use

After attaching the earth terminal, the earthing point verification can be started by simply pushing the on/off button. The IGC Advanced automatically runs through all the checks and indicates the earthing status with green/red LED indicators.

Do you want to view the earthing process “in real time”?

Most users probably do not want to “see” anything except the indicator on the front of the earthing unit. However, via an internal diagnostic screen live the IGC Advanced is able to monitor progress and the earthing point verification procedure in real time. This makes the IGC Advanced the first unit of its kind that actually “shows” what is going on!

Do you need a permanent record?

The IGC Advanced registers the loading and unloading periode vindt middels een logfile plaats. period in a log file that is easy to download to a USB flash drive. The log file enables the earthing process and safety procedures during loading and unloading work to be reviewed, thus providing an accurate picture of the situation on site.