IGC Advanced

Loop control

It has to be possible to check earthing everywhere and in any situation.

Every vehicle with mounted high-pressure and vacuum pressure cleaning systems produces its own “electrical signature” that can be stored digitally in the installed IGC Advanced. This creates an extremely reliable measuring cycle with a narrow bandwidth that guarantees safe work procedures are used.

The IGC Advanced also has an internal “virtual” earthing point, which enables the unit to “test” any random earthing point for sufficient discharge capacity. These two features make the IGC Advanced unique.

After switching on the IGC Advanced, the process software checks the unit using the virtual earthing point and subsequently adds the vehicle’s signature values. The unit tests possible chassis short-circuiting and then goes into loop measurement mode.

The IGC Advanced continues with the constant verification of not only the earth terminal, but also the quality of the earthing point and the surrounding area during the loading and unloading process. We call this “loop control”. Every earthing point is checked before the start of work and continually monitored to guarantee optimal safety while work is being carried out.


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