IGC Advanced

Newsletter 1 – 2014

A new generation of earthing units for the mobile sector is on its way!


In close cooperation with various partners, including the industrial cleaning sector, ASW has been developing a well thought-out concept for a mobile earthing unit verification system since 2001. This led to the introduction of our first digitised model in 2006, which we called ‘Smart’.


Today, with more than 1,000 systems installed, IGC Smart has proven to be a highly reliable and necessary system. This is tested on a daily basis when chemicals are transported under high pressure during such purposes as high-pressure cleaning, vacuum-pressure cleaning and chemical-technical cleaning.


Innovative and progressive as we are, we are pleased to announce that the development of the successor to IGC (Intelligent Ground Control) has now reached an advanced stage:



IGC Advanced!

The objective of this latest technology is to contribute to and promote a safe work site..


In line with that objective the following new functionalities are incorporated in IGC Advanced:


  • self-monitoring
  • self-calibrating without intervention by service personnel
  • checks the vehicle is actually earthed, not attached to the chassis of the car for example (checking for so-called ‘chassis leakage’)
  • continuous measurement (SIR requirement) of the entire earthing circuit!
  • easy read-out with USB (journey registration)
  • no potentiometers or other manually influenced components


These technological developments form the basis of the new generation of earthing units for the mobile sector. Our newsletter will keep you informed of any new details and of course about the introduction of IGC Advanced in early 2014!
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