IGC Advanced

Newsletter 2 – 2014

A new generation of earthing units is on its way!


In late November, we reported to you on the development of the successor to our reliable IGC (Intelligent Ground Control) Smart. This successor, the IGC Advanced, is in the final stages of its development! We are testing the system, we have applied for CE certification and we are working hard to work out the details for the manual.

The great advantage of this new earthing unit is that, in addition to having all the other great properties the present IGC Smart has, it is self-calibrating, it can detect a chassis leakage and it can provide journey details by USB.


Wanted: businesses for the pilot!


In this final stage, we are actively looking for businesses who would like to participate in the IGC Advanced pilot. You see, we are convinced that we have designed a system that works very well, but we want to be 100% certain and we want to guarantee customer satisfaction by testing it in operation by users.

If you are interested in taking part in the IGC Advanced pilot, please get in touch with us! You can register by sending an email to IGC@asw-online-nl.


IGC Advanced


The functionalities of the IGC Advanced are very progressive and innovative; the system embodies a technological development in which the experience acquired by practical use has been translated into the innovation of a functional system – a system that standardly:


  • self-monitoring
  • self-calibrating without intervention by service personnel
  • checks the vehicle is actually earthed, not attached to the chassis of the car for example (checking for so-called ‘chassis leakage’)
  • continuous measurement (SIR requirement) of the entire earthing circuit!
  • easy read-out with USB (journey registration)
  • no potentiometers or other manually influenced components


We will keep you up-to-date on the latest details, our progress and the introduction of the IGC Advanced in our newsletters! In our next newsletter, we will report on how the businesses taking part in the pilot respond to the IGC Advanced. If you are not taking part in the pilot but you have something particular in mind you would like to see incorporated in our new product, please let us know!


Let’s work together safely and together we can create the safest product!



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