IGC Advanced

Newsletter 3 – 2014


The new generation of earthing units!

Towards the end of January, we reported to you that we had reached the final stages in the development of our successor for the reliable IGC (Intelligent Ground Control) Smart. Already, more than 1,000 vehicles are using our tried and tested Smart concept, to which the IGC Advanced will add another dimension, creating an entirely new generation of earthing units.



The pilot was booked up within 1 week!

The functionalities of the IGC Advanced are very progressive and innovative, so it wasn’t really surprising that, after we had appealed for companies to take part in the pilot, it was booked up within a week. We have already notified the companies taking part in the pilot and they will start testing the IGC Advanced in real-life situations at the beginning of April.

Of course, we will use the feedback from this pilot and implement it wherever possible to produce a perfect end product. Consequently, the IGC Advanced will be a unique product specifically designed for high-pressure cleaning, pressure vacuum cleaning and chemical-technical cleaning.



Why use IGC Advanced?

We have based the new IGC Advanced on the notion of “permanently” improving safety and we have accomplished this in a straightforward and extremely practical manner! But how can you improve safety, or, for that matter, monitor it and guarantee it? At ASW, we looked at this problem from all sides and designed the IGC Advanced with a number of purposes in mind. Two examples of the criteria for the development process are explained below:


Development target -1-
Safe work means that you know what are doing or have done.
Is there such a thing as adequate earthing? Can anybody actually guarantee safe work? In addition to the IGC Advanced’s green/red warning lamps, it features a diagnostic screen, showing the earthing status at that time in lucid terms. That means: no more phone calls to the office or the technical department as you now have a clear report stating what is wrong.
Development target -2-
Check the safe-work method in retrospect by retrieving “journey registration”.
At present, nobody can check complaints and/or a situation on location after the event, but as the IGC Advanced “logs” the results of the measurements, it registers the loading and unloading period. The registration is easy to download with a USB flash drive, so that that operator can see exactly what happened during the loading and unloading period with respect to earthing. Comments from drivers and/or other operational staff can be analysed effortlessly with the aid of this registration.



IGC Advanced
We will keep you up-to-date on the latest details, our progress and the introduction of the IGC Advanced in our newsletters! In our next newsletter, we will report on how the businesses taking part in the pilot are responding to the IGC Advanced. If you are not taking part in the pilot but you have something particular in mind you would like to see incorporated in our new product, please let us know!




Let’s work together safely and together we can create the safest product!




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