IGC Advanced

Process control

Safe working has to eliminate potential human errors.

The intelligent data communication of the IGC Advanced is based on advanced in processor technology and is unique in earthing units.

IGC Advanced is installed with process software that compels the operator to take mandatory steps in the earthing process. At the start of work, the unit performs a “Health Check”. The HC procedure checks that the IGC Advanced is working properly in advance and guarantees that the earthing point verification is accurate.

Overview of innovative process control features in the different IGC Advanced models.

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Process software
Health check vink vink vink
Calibration / Virtual Earth vink vink vink
Vehicle heuristic vink vink vink
Chassis monitoring vink vink
Loop control vink vink vink
Structure / Body monitoring vink vink
Clamp monitoring vink_oranje
User software
Diagnostic screen vink vink vink
Route information vink vink vink
Can Bus interface vink vink
Availability Oktober 2014 TBA TBA

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