IGC Advanced


Every day, large quantities of frequently different and occasionally hazardous materials are processed in the industrial sector. These materials are transported using pressure vacuum vehicles. The pumping, transportation, loading and/or unloading of liquids or solids produces static electricity as a result of friction. This can lead to extremely hazardous situations. The reason for this is that the energy generated by static electricity can cause sparks igniting flammable substances or gasses and, in some instances, resulting in explosions!

Adequate earthing of vehicles and suction and delivery hoses is the solution to this problem. Earthing enables the safe discharge of static electricity, eliminating the risk of sparking. The IGC Advanced functions as a mobile “earthing point verification system”.

The chassis of a vehicle is connected directly to an earthing point at the loading/unloading location with an earthing reel, with which the IGC Advanced creates a closed measuring system incorporating the earthing point and the vehicle. The IGC Advanced can be fitted on any type of vehicle configuration, which makes its use practically limitless. The IGC is therefore universal and suitable for all vehicle types, vehicle-mounted equipment and/or other machinery.